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maker projection computer generated laser art


Holographics North Inc. (HNI) produces the largest 3d holography holograms in the world. It is known for the finest maker quality in projection display applied computer generated holographic production, image design and laser support services, supplying commercial, applied museum and fine art clients worldwide for over 16 years. Our 3d holography computer generated hologram have been exhibited in 27 maker countries and 48 museums. 29 artists have applied holographics projection computer generated holographic commissioned our work.


The earliest holograms, made over 30 years ago, were visible only with light. Now they operate with ordinary laser track lighting in virtually maker any environment. A small bulb is aimed directly at the computer generated hologram maker film, holographic and when you look at the film, you see the image focused in space, floating in air before you. The images are brilliant, projection 3d holography colorful, animated and, of course, 3-D. There are no "projectors" and no moving parts - just the thin projection applied film
and the light bulb.